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Web Design & Internet Marketing | Honolulu Hawaii

There is one world and one Internet, yet there are many cultures and people. When your business crosses oceans and the cultural divides, you need a web development firm that can transform your business into a familiar face. AiMiYO International was founded on the principle of developing Web Sites and Marketing for One World, but for many different eyes. AiMiYo Intn. is a multicultural, multilingual web development firm to cross the borders of Japan, China, SouthEast Asia, Korea, Europe and North America. If your company is ready to cross borders, AiMiYO International is the web development firm for your company.

SEO | Search Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process where AiMiYO will take your companies web site to the top of the list. Our unique detailed SEO process begins with a complete understanding of your objectives and your market. We then key this knowledge into web site changes, strategies and content to produce the results you desire with local, national and international results.

Website Design | Graphics

Our design team is not an isolated group, but an integral part of the entire process. It is only by including web site designers, graphics artist and programmers together from the start can we make your business stand out. Many web site developers have become so computational that they lose strength. At AiMiYO we are truly an integrated team of language, culture, artist and technical professionals. This produces the best results.

Website Consulting

We are experts with years of experience at evaluating internet marketing needs of a company from the local, national or international perspective. Our consulting service can evaluate your present efforts and make recommendations that are suited for your budget and the results you want to obtain. Many times we find that just a few inexpensive changes are all that is needed. We will be happy to work with your present firm.

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