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It has become increasingly apparent to many businesses that there are a whole new group of customers out there being left out of their marketing efforts. There is almost no product or service available on the internet today that would not benefit from an increased global presence - a multilingual website. The internet has become this great global marketplace with many languages, cultures and needs. The internet offers every company a chance to truly go global.

Cross Cultural Marketing

The most dominant language on the internet today is English with Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and French rounding out the top 5. Chinese is the most spoken language on the planet and the chinese internet user is growing exponentially - 755.1% Language growth from 2000 to 2008 ( internet statistics by countryAll of Asia collectively is a very dominant power and dwarfs North America and Europe combined in terms of potential customers within the global marketplace. If a business could account for only China and Japan (432 million internet users) their customer base could potentially triple or quadruple. Obviously for a business selling online through ecommerce it is imperative that they offer alternate language websites for their customers. For companies selling a product or service regionally from a store or office it is equally important. It is an obvious reality that the United States is a vast melting pot and becoming more so every day. For companies along the West Coast from San Diego to Seattle there are millions of Spanish and Asians (Korean, Chinese & Japanese). On the East Coast the diversity of language and culture is greater than anywhere else on the planet. Many have moved there permanently and many are visitors. Many do not speak English fluently.

Website Design for Alternate Languages

Aimiyo has Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French and German native speaking employees on staff. There is only one true way to build a highly optimized culturally focused multilingual website. You must use native speaking individuals skilled in online marketing. Aimiyo hand translates all of their text content in-house and all of our multilingual employees are well versed in internet search engine optimization and the importance of the user interface and online customer experience.

Aimiyo takes great pride in designing websites that strongly consider cultural trends in regards to design and user experience. Although it is not uncommon to take an existing site and replace the text content with alternate languages, it is far more advantageous to develop a website that fits within the cultural context of the country you are targeting. For more information on multilingual website design and website localization contact us today.